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My name is Eliana Nelson. And I'm a freelancer who loves to experiment and share content that adds great meaning to a healthy life. I have been freelancing for 12 years. Also, my nearly 5 years of experience in marketing, branding and communication solutions, project management, and people management are strong points. I help companies around the world gain more customers by providing tangible and effective online results.

Now, I am part of an online healthcare pharmacy called Allmedscare. It has been bringing health marketing, sales, and public relations skills to the pharmacy for over 6 years. Also, offers various oral medications such as Bimatoprost, online penegra, Vilitra and etc., health expert, and health expert program.

At the same time, you can keep your loved ones and loved ones healthy by following a few simple rules of life, including regular exercise, a controlled diet, and a healthy lifestyle. Also, I like to go to different countries and collect various information about the health that makes a healthy life meaningful.

Green Leaves


"Tash is amazing! I have been a long-standing yogi with Tash since her first yoga class in Winterbourne and I can honestly say we have never had two classes the same. Tash is clear in her instructions and always gives options to every yoga pose so that your practice is adapted to your own needs. During lockdown Tash has also been a godsend, being able to connect with my mat through a virtual platform has really helped me get through the uncertainty of each day. I just want to say thank you Tash for the love you put into every class you teach, you truly are wonderful"