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Holistic Massage and Bodywork

Find healing through rest, relaxation and receiving.

Through my level 4 holistic massage training obtained at the highly regarded Bristol School of Massage and Body work, I understand the importance of using massage as a way to enhance physical and mental wellbeing. 

Whether you're looking to help facilitate the easing of pain, find some rest and relaxation or move around some energy and flush out those toxins, I would love to help. Through my years of therapeutic studies I combine yoga therapy, mobilisation and stretches, Ayurvedic massage, deep tissue and holistic massage to create a bespoke treatment tailored to individual needs and attuned to what your body needs on the day.

I also specialise in pregnancy massage, these are specialist tailored treatments for all stages of pregnancy. Massage treatments during pregnancy can be very beneficial for supporting the changes for both mother and baby, as well as supporting the postural changes for mum during the trimesters. 

Green Leaves


Natasha curated a yoga and massage session to meet my needs physically and emotionally, so that I came away feeling renewed, refreshed and strong. Everything from the scent of the massage oil filling the air, to the music made it feel like a mini spa retreat! The added bonus was having some tailored yoga moves that I can now implement in my day to day life. Perfect for a busy working mum in need of some self care, reassurance and a boost of positivity! Thank you Natasha.


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